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Getting to know the VAIL VALLEY FOUNDATION

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Our board and staff are grateful for your generosity. We welcome you to an engaging, multi-media review of how your support has made a positive impact across our beloved community over the past 12 months.

In a year of swift-moving change, your commitment to the VVF remained steady and strong. It is due to the exceptionally generous nature of our donors, volunteers, partners, and supporters that we have been able to quickly and successfully return to our work of making this valley an amazing place to live, work, and visit, through arts, athletics, and education.

Arts and athletics

We were among the very first to open our doors after the pandemic in 2020. In 2021 we were able to welcome back major concerts and capacity audiences at the Vilar Performing Arts Center and Gerald R. Ford Amphitheater, host a highly-successful Vail Dance Festival, and welcome the return of marquee international sporting events like the GoPro Mountain Games and Xfinity Birds of Prey Audi FIS Ski World Cup.

We could not have done this without you. As you will see in these pages, your support allowed us again to help our community both culturally and economically.


Perhaps no area of life during this pandemic has been as complex as the world of youth education. Our county has thousands of children who rely upon the phenomenal support they receive from YouthPower365 as they try to restore balance and a normal rhythm to their lives and continue the pursuit of their dreams.

Fortunately, thanks to you, we are there for them. Within these pages you will see how your participation, and your belief in the mission of YouthPower365, has made a measurable difference in thousands of lives.

Beyond arts, athletics & education

In our 40-year history, the VVF has always asked, “What are the needs of our community, and how can we bring together the right people and organizations to address those needs?”

During the pandemic, this line of thinking led the VVF to create the Private Sector Task Force to help navigate and coordinate our community COVID response.

We also led the initiative to raise more than $1.5 million through our VVF Community Fund, which has helped alleviate the secondary effects of the pandemic in four key areas: Hunger/Food Insecurity, Mental & Behavioral Health, Rent & Household Assistance, and Children and Youth Education & Programming.

All of this work is embodied in the VVF Community Engagement Committee, new in 2021. This Committee, chaired by Johannes Faessler, is actively seeking ways to address one of our most dire workforce concerns today, which is our lack of available and affordable early childhood learning facilities. Eagle County currently estimates that approximately 1,500 children may need or want licensed childcare in Eagle County but are not getting it.

Marking 40 years

As the Vail Valley Foundation passes its 40-year mark in 2021 we would like to take a moment to acknowledge the exceptional leadership and vision that, since 1981, has helped establish our organization as an important contributor to the overall wellness and vibrancy of this community.

It took generations of support to arrive where we are today. For that, we are thankful, and we look forward to continuing this organization’s work on behalf of generations to come.


Ann Smead, Chairman of the Board

Mike Imhof, President


2021 Vail Valley Foundation staff photo

Vail Valley Citizens of the Year

Sheika Gramshammer

In 2021, we celebrated Sheika Gramshammer as the Vail Valley Citizen of the Year in honor of a lifetime of generosity, leadership, and vision.

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Vail Valley Volunteers of the Year

Greer and Jack Gardner

For their many contributions to our community, Greer and Jack Gardner are the recipients of the 2021 Vail Valley Volunteer of the Year award.

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